As a keynote speaker for conferences and company events only two things matter.

The first is that people learn something new that they can use next week, and secondly that your event or business improves as a result.

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David Alejandro Prieto Iácono

Thrilling, competent, engaging and really professional: I think these four qualities define Spencer in the best possible way.


We have been in touch for a couple of months now and I can only say that he has brought my presentation, storytelling and disruptive communication skills to a whole new level.


I have profited a lot from every single exchange that I was able to have with him, not only regarding presentation and communication topics, but also in matters like Marketing and Corporate Communication Strategies. Within the days that Spencer visited my company, everyone was amazed by the deep insights he delivered and how collaborative he was in tackling everyone´s questions.


I would really recommend to any person or company that wants to communicate in an influencing, convincing and successful way, to consult Spencer on how to perform that in an extraordinary manner.

Corinna Bergner

"Spencer ran a story telling workshop in our office for the team a couple of weeks ago.

The whole team really enjoyed listening to his engaging stories and his experiences and is looking forward to turning some of the lessons learnt and tips now into reality.
The session was very interactive which was very well received by the audience as we could address individual questions there and then.

Thanks again to Spencer for his great support and insight and for giving us lots of new ideas to work with."

Vicki Leadbetter

"Spencer's presentation to the Virgin Red team was really insightful. We all came away with informative and actionable steps that we can use straight away in our presentations.


Spencer was able to tailor the presentation to our needs and engage the team making it feel like an open discussion rather than a presentation - exactly how the team likes to work.


We are grateful for Spencer's time and would recommend the session to anyone that needs to present to any level or audience size."



"Spencer's online Story Telling training session was very informative and thought provoking. Gone are the days of getting as much information as possible in to a presentation … 

The story telling adds a whole new dimension to the art of presenting with themes such as, having a conversation, emotional buy in and building trust. 

The feed back from the staff who attended was excellent and I would highly recommend this training to anyone involved in presenting or putting together presentations. "

Hannah Redfern

"Spencer has become renowned at Marketing Week Live for his ability to deliver hugely insightful content, combined with tangible takeaways that businesses of any size can absorb and apply immediately to their own campaigns.


This contributes directly to the satisfaction delegates feel around our content and is evident from the amount of times Spencer’s sessions are highlighted in our post event research as being stand out excellent."

“Spencer's session on The art of storytelling was a stand-out part of Marketing Week Live. Insightful, interesting and full of practical tips for brand-side marketers - he covered so much in 45 minutes, it was hard to not come away with a fresh mind approach to making content.”

nick bennett
nicolas deskos

"Spencer spoke at our OnBrand Marketing Community meetup and I was really impressed with his Storytelling workshop. Spencer knows how to engage a crowd and keep his talks interactive throughout.


While Spencer was only scheduled for 45 minutes, the audience wanted him to continue past the allocated time - a testament to the quality of his presentation. I would highly recommend Spencer if you're looking for a speaker who can provide insightful content with practical takeaways."

steve george

"Spencer has supported Savage marketing since its early days and is one of the best advisors and speakers we have had the opportunity to work with.


He is a dedicated thought leader and has shared new content each time. 

He is a valued member of our Savage Marketing community and will engage him in 2018."

larissa nijholt

"For the SocialToday event Spencer gave a highly rated presentation about Conversational Storytelling on Social Media. 


Attendees were really enthusiastic about him. As event manager I was also enthusiastic about him. He is really professional, meets his agreements and it is nice to work with. 

I would recommend him as a speaker! You know for sure you'll get happy attendees."


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