The War on Attention

So, I came across this video this morning from Time Well Spent :

Its a great example of what everyone is feeling. The everyone and everything is just trying to steal (and probably waste) their time. People just haven't found a way to deal with it yet, to block it out. But they will. You can feel it coming.

It's a stark and urgent reminder to all of us marketing people who are responsible for creating content. There is a backlash on the horizon. The time to act is now.

We need to focus on adding value in way that we haven't before. To spend real time and $$$ on working out how not to waste peoples attention as it is a precious commodity, yet at the same time ensuring we drive revenue and thrive as a business.

I'd wager that helping people spend less time not more on their screens might actually be the best strategy we can play right now. Your audiences will love you for it and trust you more in future requests on their attention.

How do you say, plan and deliver to your audiences "We want less of your time, but the time that we do ask for will be a rich experience". That can be email, apps, radio, tv, events - all of it.

We need a new role in the marketing department - a kind of "Attention Architect". That would really change the game.

So if you are building a business story focus not on the story you want to tell but the story that your audience will want to hear or even better a story that doesn't waste thier time.


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