Storytelling Case Study: IKEA video

First of all, watch this video:

It's a great example of a brand that connects itself to something deeply personal with all of us in one short 60 second video. After watching this who can't be moved by the feeling of home and family and looking after Mum, and she is even a nurse which adds an extra dose of what an amazing person she is.

Video storytelling has become one of IKEA’s core content marketing approaches in recent years. They understand that it will build a strong emotional connection with your brand. They show customers not tell them. They extend the message above and beyond the normal ad campaigns that IKEA helps people live better.

IKEA are very purposeful when it comes to brand Storytelling. They understand that only by having a deep understanding of their customers can they create these kind of videos that resonate deeply with people.

IKEA's goal is to be "the leader of life at home," so they focus on what life at home is really like for many different types of people, places, and homes. They regularly visit people's homes to document what they find and how people live in their spaces.

They also produce a quarterly "Life at Home" report, which enables them to tie stories to peoples routines, habits, desires and fears. These insights are blended with other research panels and a digital tool they use so patterns can be identified and then its all translated into possible stories.

This also shows a deep commitment from senior management at IKEA to allow such programs to thrive when ROI is always hard to prove and difficult to predict.

But there in lies the secret. Its a careful mix of budget, senior buy-in and dedication across the long term to build a brand that finds a place in peoples hearts.


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