Obama, Leadership & Storytelling...

So I am building a keynote for a talk I am doing soon on Leadership storytelling. I was watching an interview with Obama where he was talking about leading a country. He said that:

“Leading the country isn’t about legislation, it's not about regulations. It’s actually about shaping attitudes, shaping culture, and increasing awareness”

He's right.

A great leader uses story to paint a picture of the future and then inspiring the people in the company to make that story come true.

It's like telling the 'happy ever after' part of the story but it hasn't come true yet so you need to prove to people that you as the leader and they as the company can actually make that story come true.

But what I love about Obama is that he always comes across as authentic, as someone who cares. This is another important component... for someone to emotionally connect to your story they need to see that you are emotionally connected to it. If you want them to take action, then they need to see you take action also.

Remember... being vulnerable is good thing - It leads to emotion & belief.


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