Three Leadership Stories...

It's your job as a leader to be the lighthouse. The signal. The one showing the direction we all need to going in. Story is the best way to be the lighthouse.

There are lots of stories that need telling when you lead a team, an organisation or your kids football team.

However, I feel that there are only three stories that make the biggest difference.

3 key Leadership Stories:

The Possibility Story

What is the future possibility you create for your customers?

Lego's is that you can build anything you want, all you need is imagination (and lego bricks).

Apple's is that you can change the world with the work that you do (and their hardware)

Nike's is that you can be a better athlete, run your first marathon (using their shoes)

This is about Inspiring the company in terms of the good that you do in the world.

It's also great for recruitment also :)

The Identity Story

This is about defining both the culture & values of the company. Generally your founding story is really good for this, but not always.

The Innovation Story

To get people to change behaviour, to learn new things, to be happy with failure than we need stories that show what's possible.

All three of these key stories require a leader to bridge the past and the future in the present. To show people where we came from and where we are going to in a way that makes sense, seems reachable and with the support necessary to do it.


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