6 Storytelling mistakes to avoid

If you want your story to put a belief into the mind of your audience then you need to craft it with care. ​

Here are 6 things to avoid:

1. The story doesn't make an emotional connection

Emotion is key to getting people to remember your story. I see lots of companies telling stories they want to tell, not stories that their customers need to hear. Tell a story that paints a picture of the future that your customer desires.

2. Making the Story complex

Simple stories work best because they are easy to grasp, and more importantly easier to remember.

3. Stories have an obvious plot

The unexpected is always remembered. For an easy way to bring the unexpected into a story try showing struggle. Your struggle, your customers struggle. People always leave this out but actually its the most powerful thing you can do.

4. The story is not believable

Credible stories build trust. It must be beliveable. If you don't have your audiences trust then they won't believe that you can't help them get to where they want or need to go.

5. Stories don't have a point

Stories must have Direction and describe the desired end point for the audience. This makes connection and drives focus or action. The story needs to affect an action or there is no point.

6. The Story is based around 'Sadvertising'

This is especially prevelant in the ad industry. We like to drive a tear to the eye with a sad story. One one hand this is very powerful because we see the physcial manifestation of the emotion we are having. However, feeling sad is much less effective at getting us to do something. Positive stories both inspire and move us to do something.


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