The Romance of B2B Storytelling – Connection, Trust and Advocacy

So I was asked the other day about how can you plan what stories you want to craft and tell to prospect customers. After giving it some thought I said the following:

It’s like a good romance. When you go on a first date, you’re looking for connection. In addition to a physical attraction at first sight, you want to understand your date, see parts of them in yourself, and feel understood by them.

If you want to be anything more than a one-time date, you need to make a connection and find common ground. The same goes for Business Storytelling.

You customer wants to see and FEEL your values and see something of themselves in what you are trying to do. Stories they encounter should talk about a shared vision for the future and what values you stand by. What does the future look like if you work together?

This makes an emotional connection.

Then comes the engagement. The ‘ask’ for business. At this point, things are getting serious. Your potential customer wants to know about your customers – how happy are they with you? Did they get to this shared future vision? What about your company? Who are you, how stable, how big or small, your history.

This builds trust.

Finally you get married. At this stage your customer wants a great honey moon. Stories about how to start, how to use your product, the steps and timelines to the shared future. Working together.

This builds early advocacy.

After this way of planning stories - First Date, Engagement and Marriage, then start to look at Story types. One way of doing this is to think of stories that are:



Anytime (Evergreen)

This gives a good breadth and range of stories across the calendar year that will attract customers at all stages of the romance.

Good luck!


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