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The most important Storytelling technicque? Well to answer this you need to answer what does Tyrion Lannister, Moses and You have in common?

Clue: It's really important for business storytelling! I'm speaking at #fifteenseconds on June 6th about this in more detail #thinkahead19 @wethinkahead

So here's the thing.

"There's nothing in the world that's more powerful than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it."

Hi, I'm Spencer, and today I wanna talk about how Tyrion Lannister, Moses, and you all share something in common.

And the thing that you share in common is one of the most critical parts of business storytelling. So let's get started.

Now I can scarcely believe that there's anybody out there who has not heard of Tyrion Lannister, but just in case, then for me, he's one of the most interesting and powerful characters in the Game of Thrones series.

And the quote that I just opened that talk with, about how story is the most powerful thing in the world, came from him in the last episode.

Now when you look at Tyrion Lannister, his character has been at the center of many critical moments of choice, moments where a choice needs to happen. And normally it was about whether somebody was going to die, or live, or take power, or give power, or receive power, and many times they were influential moments of choice.

And Tyrion was a masterful storyteller and used story to influence those kind of decisions that need to be made.

So what about Moses? Now we've all heard the story of Moses and the burning bush. God spoke to Moses through the burning bush and said, "I need you to travel to Egypt, "face down the pharaoh, "persuade him that you should let the Israelites go,

"and then lead them out of Egypt." And of course, like most people, he said, "Who am I to do this? "I don't have the skills to do this." He argued that he wasn't eloquent enough to persuade.

Now this, for him, was a really tough moment of choice. Did he stay or did he leave?

Now we all know the ending to this story, that he did go and he was successful, but it was the moment of choice that was at the center of the story.

So what about you? I'm guessing you've already had many moments of choice in your life. Not all of them are big. Not all of them have a big impact on your life, but some of them do.

It's a bit like the Sliding Doors movie. Whether you make that train or miss that train might suddenly have a huge impact on your life, and it's the same whether you say yes or no, take the job or not, get married or not, say something or not.

There are many instances. Now I'm guessing when you tell the story about the big, important things that happened in your life, somewhere in that story will be the moment of choice.

And this is the common thread between three, and all other great stories, all great stories are built around a moment of choice, a critical moment of choice. This is perhaps the most important business storytelling technique.

So why's this important for our business stories?

When we tell a story in a business context, normally A, we want people to pay attention, which is really hard these days, and we want to talk about where we can take them.

What place in the future can we get them to? And a story about a moment of choice can put somebody into a state of anxiety that creates a dissonance between where they are now and where you can take them to, and then they'll pay attention.

Now after that, it's about instilling hope, building trust, and many other things that I'm not gonna get into right now. But if you wanna go deeper into this with me, then two weeks from now in Austria, I'm gonna be talking at the Fifteen Seconds conference on the 6th of June, and I'm gonna be talking about choice, and storytelling, and the psychology of decision making, and how we can use it to kind of grow our businesses.

So the Fifteen Seconds conference, two weeks from now, I hope to see you there.


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